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OUR e4 Approach



With each college having its own requirements, deadlines, preferences, and acceptance rates, the college admission process can seem daunting! Set Sail EDUCATES our clients on the college admissions process. We develop a college list that takes into consideration not just what students want, but also what they need to be successful. We look beyond the brand name schools and discuss the importance of college fit – not just academically, but financially and environmentally as well. We provide you with the resources and organizational tools to be successful!


From the Common App, to UC PIQs, activity lists, essays, FAFSA forms, and summer programs, we help students manage and EXECUTE the college application process. We provide organizational tools through our college management software and Google Drive. We have regular check-in meetings, holding students accountable to deadlines. We help research schools and programs to help teens achieve their goals. We are the rutter that steers students and families throughout the process – answering questions, strategizing an approach, and serving as your compass to navigate the college waters!


The college exploration and admissions process is about more than just finding the right school. It develops important self-discovery and independence skills that students need to be successful in high school, college, and beyond. With a 25-year background in branding and marketing, we EMPOWER students to take an internal assessment of their strengths, interests, and aptitudes, as well as honestly accept their challenges and weaknesses. We have conversations about their goals and talents – and challenge them to explore these further. We empower teens to be the sailors of their ship!


In a world where we now talk about college as soon as students are freshmen, one can get wrapped up in the college admissions frenzy. I am a true believer that kids also just need to be teenagers. Play sports. Go to homecoming. Take vacations. Create memories with your friends. Enjoy a lazy summer afternoon at the pool. You and your children will not get these four years back. We help you balance the demands of high school and the college application process with the joy of the high school experience. We help your students prioritize their classes and activities based on their goals. As a mom of teens herself, Set Sail helps parents be parents –alleviating the tension and stress that accompanies these years. We truly believe students can ENJOY the college exploration journey if managed correctly!

If you’d like more information about our unique college counseling approach, get in touch today.

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