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Strength & Interest Assessments

Academic Interests

Major Research and Advisement

College and Career Goal-Setting

Personal Story Development

Application Management & Submissions

College Application Strategy

Application Support & Advisement

Time Management

Deadline Accountability

Recommendation Letter Counsel

Essay Brainstorming & Editing

Portfolios & Case Studies

Interview Coaching

College Search & Target List

College Planning Timeline

College Self-Surveys and Preferences

College Research

List Development

College Tour Counsel

Working with Admissions Reps

College Visits

Decisions & Transitions

Financial/Merit Aid

Scholarship Counsel

College Offer Guidance

College Transition Advice

Pre-Application Advising

High School Course Advisement

Transcript Review & Assessment

Resume Development

Extracurricular Activity Counsel

Leadership & Awards Advisement

Standardized Testing Strategy

Summer Programs

Enrichment Resources

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